How to Make an Air Mattress Comfortable and Warm in the Cold

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Tent camping in cold weather is an activity that most outdoor enthusiasts enjoy at some point. Hunting seasons, fishing excursions, kayaking trips and hikes can be enjoyable activities nearly any month of the year. The seasoned camper has learned the value of using an air mattress to provide comfort. Below are few ways to add to the comfort and warmth while camping in the cold using air mattresses.

Use a Soft Base

Avoid setting up a tent on any sort of rocky ground. Even the uncomfortable feel of smaller rocks and uneven ground can leave you in awkward sleeping position. Softer ground will provide more give. Consider taking a few minutes to gather up a layer of leaves to place under the tent floor. This small expenditure of energy will bring added comfort when it comes to getting sound sleep.

Adjust Inflation Levels

The give in the air mattress provides for much of the personal comfort levels of those using this much-appreciated camping item. The more air that is fit into the mattress, the harder the surface will be. If it seems too hard, let a little of the air out and give it another try.

Thermal Insulated Sleeping Bags

The quality of the sleeping bag used on your camping excursion can make a huge difference in staying warm all the way through the night. The temperatures usually plummet the closer it gets to sunrise. Spend the extra money needed to get a sleeping bag that offers insulation from the deep cold. The extra padding offered by a sleeping bag will add to the comfort of your rest. There is no way to avoid the cooling of the air in the mattress over the nighttime hours, but having the cushion of a sleeping bag over the surface will help protect you from the cold.

Memory Foam Layer

Memory foam has been lauded by the sleeping public as a miracle in providing a luxurious cushion to stretch out and relax on. Complete relaxation while camping can be difficult using standard equipment. They now make memory foam in thin layers that can be easily stowed and packed out to your favorite camp spot. This material will also put one more layer between your body and the cool air in the mattress over the course of the night.

Extra Blankets and Pillows

There is no harm in bringing a few pillows and extra blankets for the extra cold nights. It can also serve as a way to add extra padding for an aching back after a rough day of hunting, fishing, or hiking.

Insulate Tents Against Drafts

Keeping the cold air out of the tent is the best way to stay warmer as you sleep. There are climate rated tents that offer better protection than average, but any tent will do if you utilize the flaps and zipper secure that are available. Use any included wind-guards and consider covering the bottom edges of the tent with loose dirt. Keep the tent closed whenever possible to retain any heat that has built up from solar heating of the day.

Increase your comfort level and warmth while camping in colder climates using a device as simple as an air mattress. Your sleep will be more sound and you will become a cold weather camping enthusiast for life.