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by Jason Hess on February 8, 2013

In 2011 I attended the first ever Wild Goose Festival. One of the session speakers was a Native American fellow that I had never heard of, his name…Richard Twiss. He spoke twice at the festival and unfortunately I missed his first talk. However, I caught the second one. While he spoke I was captivated by the things he was sharing about Christianity, Native People, and what they’ve had to endure. As the session came to a close I sought out the merchandise stand and quickly bought a copy of his book One Church Many Tribes before it was sold out.

As I read his book I was stunned at what I was reading. Needless to say his book has become one of the most important books I’ve read. If I was to compile a top 10 list One Church Many Tribes would be on it. Since reading it I’ve been paying attention to the ministry he leads, Wiconi International.

Richard is a Native American believer. He’s a husband, father, brother, minister, and a voice the Church needs to hear. Sadly on Wednesday, February 6th, he suffered a massive heart attack and isn’t doing so well.

The Lord is in control and I stand with the many who are praying for a miracle…it’s my hope that you will too.

As of this post the report is that…

Richard is not doing well. When it occurred Wednesday medical personnel were on him in 90 seconds. They lost pulse several times. At the Hospital they did emergency surgery and removed a blood clot blocking his main artery. He is still on full life-support and has multiple organs failure, along now with his kidneys. His body is no longer responsive with his eyes dilated. Tonight the doctors are going to start warming his body and in the morning they will give him a brain scan, at which time they will be able to determine the next course of action. This night is very important for us to keep praying for a miracle. (Excerpt from the Wiconi International facebook page)


The Passing of Richard Leo Twiss, Taoyate Obnajin “He Stands with his People”
As of Saturday, February 9, 2013 Richard Leo Twiss, Lakota, co-founder and President of Wiconi International, passed into the eternal kingdom of the Creator as he took up the journey of life on the other side, to be with the Lord whom he loved and served so diligently on this side of life.
Richard walked the good road with Jesus from 1974, and continues his walk now on the other side of life.
In the final hours of Richard’s journey on this side, he was surrounded by his wife Katherine, his four sons, Andrew, Phillip, Ian and Daniel, along with close friends who sang, prayed, laughed and reminisced together about his impact in life among them, and within the wider kingdom of his Creator.

Richard Twiss
You can help the Twiss family during this time by simply making a donation HERE.

Did you have the chance to hear Richard speak? Are you familiar with Wiconi International? Please take a moment to share your story of how you connected with either Richard or the ministry and perhaps even how they’ve helped you evolve your thinking.

*The “Pray for Richard Twiss” image is from the Sustainable Traditions facebook page.

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