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The Historic and Prophetic Landscape of America (book)

by Jason Hess on January 10, 2013

In 2011 I attended the first ever Wild Goose Festival which was held in North Carolina. One of the many speakers featured at this event was Richard Twiss. Hearing him share his heart and the plight of this nations indigenous people made me realize that it wasn’t just the government, that swept Native Americans off into reservations where they’re out of mind and out of site, but the church was and is just as guilty. We’re guilty of not sharing the love of Christ in our actions though missionaries, in times past, rather forcefully have tried to share the message. Thankful there are ministries that now recognize the beauty found in indigenous cultures. Nonetheless, having discovered the ministry Wiconi International, founded by Richard Twiss, led me to the book which this post is about, Sign Language: A Look at the Historic and Prophetic Landscape of America.

Yesterday evening I finished reading Sign Language: A Look at the Historic and Prophetic Landscape of America by Terry Wildman. Along with his wife, Darlene, he’s the founder of RainSong Music and Storytelling ministry. Their ministry finds them traveling “North America and abroad, teaching, storytelling, sharing their music at First Nations gatherings, on Reservations, and also at Churches and Conferences.”

Last night I submitted the following thoughts concerning this book to Amazon:

I ordered this book over a year ago after having read Richard Twiss’ book One Church, Many Tribes. Sadly, Mr. Wildman’s book rested on my shelf until last week when I was compelled to open it and dive in…and dive in I did. I wouldn’t be surprised if the author has hit the nail on the head, or at the very least come pretty close to it, when it comes to what ails the United States of America.

His style of writing is very easy to follow; it’s engaging and captures your heart…ultimately urging you to keep on reading and digging to see the truth in the case he presents. America is in a rough spot because of its many broken promises to our Native peoples. We must repent and seek reconciliation if we truly hope for a better tomorrow.

This is a must read for every Christian – clergy and laity. Captured within the pages of this book you will discover nuggets not taught in our theological schools, and truths not preached from pulpits.

Get this book, share this book…get the message out!

To discover more about Terry & Darlene Wildman, and the fantastic work they’re doing, check out the following websites:


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